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I love this game because once you’ve unlocked all the tanks you can play against friends and family. The one thing I would like added is more tanks for more diverse gameplay.

Grade game but the restore purchases is a joke



If I pay $3.99 to take ads away, I expect to have NO ADS! For some reason, I still need to watch 30sec videos to collect my rewards after a win. BS...I’d like a refund.

Get better

My tank keeps exploding...

Needs more

Needs way more tanks

Tank stars

This one of the most fun and satisfing games I have ever played do thank you for making this app I really do enjoy it.


This game is annoying cause left and right there’s ads and win there’s not it asks you to buy ad blocker for 4 bucks like I know your trying to make money but please stop I can’t even play the game cause there’s to many stuff coming up on my screen

Paid to remove ads but they still come up.

Rip off. It removes one ad but ads still pop up in another place (before opening victory chest)


This game is soooooooo fun One off the best games ever , if you don’t have this game get it And the new tanks look amazing Keep up the good work


I live this game. All I ask for is more tanks, the game is fun but short. There should be tons of tanks. Thank you for reading this.

This game will blast you in the face with ads

Too many ads. And no way to get rid of them. Get rid of ads purchase is a scam. And a subscription service!? No. Ruined a decent knock off of Scorched Earth.

Thought it was good

Horrible deleted. Full of annoying ads waste of time

To improve

El juego debe mejorar la potencia de los tiros q no llegan hasta donde uno quiere si se extiende mucho la mira, y los tiros de corto alcance llegan a ser inútiles si se te acaban los demás tiros y se está alejado del contrincante creo de debe mejorar estos aspectos, y los tanques no resisten casi nada

Great but needs online friends

Game is very fun and plays great! The only thing I wish was different is the ability to add friends and play against them to get rewards and stuff also.

Love this game

This game is so fun I play it every day

Pink tank

I got tricked into buying a pink tank. I want a refund. Its gay. Fix it.

Good old fashioned game play

Allot of fun


I revived and I didn’t get to shoot. I died. My tank gets stuck on sharp hills. Whoever created this is a *****************************************************************.

Good Game but WAY to many ads

I love this game and I’ve been playing it for a little while now. The gameplay is great but there is one slight problem. The ads. There are so many ads that I have considered deleting the game. Then amount of ads makes the game Virtually unplayable. I would love to play the game more often but every time I see an add it’s an eye sore. If the ads could be lessened that would be great.

To many adds

After every game there is a add. The gameplay is ok but it is lacking in some cases. TOO MANY ADDS

Everytime I get Stuff I Crash

I got 2 Nukes, and 1 Kamazie and I suddenly crashed 🤬🤬🤬 I ALMOST WON A TOURNAMENT IDIOT. I HATE PLAYGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best game ever

i love this game i play everyday, but its starting to get boring because there are no new tanks. So i think you should add more tanks. Hope this happens.

More tanks please!

The tanks are great but there is little choices of tanks and i have mastered thier attacks, memorized on how much damaged they do and mastered each of the shell’s and missile’s weight to pinpoint on where the shot will land, soo can i suggest some certain tanks of my own? First is the brutal tank which is loaded with powerful but extremely heavy shells, then second is the rapid tank with light moderately weak shells but come in numerous bursts, and lastly the Buff tank which has 2 attack shells then the rest of the shells are buffs for its own self or to its foe!! And please add the story/campaign mode for me and other players to enjoy the game even MORE!

Good Game However...

Tank Stars is a really fun game with lots of tanks to choose from and daily prizes. A couple of things that I have to point out is that one, when ever I completed an action to get free gems the gems just never came. I waited a couple of days and they just never showed up. Another thing is that the membership is just way to expensive like 20 dollars for just one month is just way over the top. If the membership was like 10 or 15 that would be more reasonable. My last thoughts are this is a really fun game and there are only a few minor problems but other than that it’s a fun game.

Filthy crooks

So the game is fun and all except for overly long ads. Enter crooked developers... take $3.99 with the promise of removing the ads. Tell you are all set. And... nope. Still seeing adds. They are either out right liars or what, incompetent? Very disappointing.

Good game lack of other things

This is a great game i actually had it suggested to me but it needs more tanks and better achievments like take cod bo3 for ex. The more you level up the better the stuff you get and i think you should incoorperate that in the game I hope you read and take this into consideration

Too many ads

The game is fun but ever ad that pops up after battle makes me dislike the game every time I see it.


Hey developers I think the game has a bug every time I go into the game it kicks me out after a while and back to the main screen. So I was wondering if you could check it out and give the game a update to fix it please and thank you. Ps. Love your game.

Have only played for 3 minutes but I love it

Very addicting!


Honestly it’s an okay game. The game is very similar to bow masters in terms of archery and aiming.the difference is it allows you to move closer/ further away from your opponent and allows you to choose your artillery, this is where the true difference between this game and bow master is shown. With these factors it adds strategy and a little depth to the game. To me what takes away from this game and makes bowmaster a better game is the level of ads that’s is present. The game forces you to always have an internet connection to play the game. It doesn’t allow for offline play. It’s odd that with this added level of strategy the game doesn’t allow offline play for that classic “grind” so that you won’t be disturbed by ads. Because ads do get annoying. After every match there is a video to watch. You shouldn’t have to pay to get rid of ads. Allot of games are focusing on this ad revenue approach and neglects the core of the game. You will be frustrated by the ads. The game is not that good to play or pay to continue to enjoy. The ads did take away from what I considered a different approach to archery games that has a touch of added depth/ strategy. For me it killed that experienced and leaved me to want more. Download bowmasters where there is less ads and more character depth.

Cool game

Love it all when at work nothing do !🤟🏼!🤣

Really good but need more weapons

It’s really good and all but it would be better if it had more weapons

Great but

The developers need to have weekly updates with new tanks to get a better feel of the game

How to get rid of adds

So, this is a ADDICTING game. But, the one problem, is adds. Sadly the developer make a fun game and ruin it with so much adds. The developer is greedy. But I found a way to make it so that you WONT get any adds. It’s very simple. Get rid of internet... or wifi, you see adds won’t be shown without WiFi so take THAT greedy developers. No that that’s over with let’s talk about the game. So this game is fun and all, you have a tank, you have weapons to fight, and last one standing wins. Every win you get a chest and two hundred gold, with gold you can upgrade your tank. What I love most about this game is discovering new weapons every time I upgrade my tank... well that’s all I have to say, Thx for reading and bye! 👋

It was fun at first...

It was fun at first but then after the free three day trial there are way too many adds. It got to the point of me spending more time watching commercials for other apps than game play.

Since the recent update I think you should add the m4a1 Sherman into the game

As you have already added the t34 and tiger I think it’s only fair to also include the m4 Sherman.

Love this game

5 stars no doubt. My concerns aren’t with the game itself. I upgraded to an iPhone XS Max today and decided it was time to start fresh so I set it up as a new iPhone. Game Center shows my progress but this game is the only of many that will not find my progress. I had every tank maxed and now I’m just getting the tutorial with seemingly no way to pick up where I left off. Shame. People upgrade phones all the time. Surprised this isn’t hasn’t come up more often. It will earn a delete if not resolved and I will remove stars as well. I basically did everything I could to save/recover.


Good way to kill time while u doing nothing, lol

cant play

I want the game, but the first time i booted up the game it showed a vip thing and it just crashed. then i tried again and it crashed and it kept crashing and crashing so i deleted it then redownloaded and it just kept crashing

I play

And then

Good game, too many ads

Good game but it’s overly burdened with ads. Ad to keep playing when you die. Ad at the end of a match. Ad before starting a new match. Come on!

Rate for coins

I rate for free coins so don’t really rate this

What the what?!

For some reason the cards have not changed or updated since I first bought them.

New difficulty??

If it’s possible can you make a difficulty setting for the AI’s when fighting the Computer because it feels to easy especially when they miss most shots! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also love the new tanks!

Good but it isn’t the best

It is a great game but it would be better if it had more features to the tanks or if it would have more chests and unlocks to make it more interesting. Another thing is that I would like if you could have a small chat option to say to the other player!


This game is great I play it for hours 😝

Make a new game mode

I like this game a lot but thay need to add a game mode like a sky base where you need to shoot down the airship or a game mode where you get just Machine gun and you try to kill each other or a sniper tank.


Great game, but im watching all your ads for a reason. Don’t try to make me pay in order to progress. Everyone will get bored eventually and move onto something else.

could be better

way to many ads, in app purchasing is way too high and subscription is to short Nd too expensive, not really the coolest app, and cant get many upgrades that you would want, its all random and useless, also if you pay to remove ads, they still pop up

One of the best

Does mono best baby

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