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3 stars because...

Overall it’s a great app! The biggest problem I have is when I’m in a tournament battle, die and press the free revive button, which will play a video and then revive you... But 99% of the time that I do this the game freezes and I have no choice but to kill the app and start all over! This usually happens when I’m in a 1v1 on the third wave! Please fix this and the game will be so much better!

From Roberto

This game is pretty good can’t stop playing it

Good game but needs work

It’s a pretty good game and I find it pretty fun to fight other players online with our tanks and stuff, however there’s some problems. For one there’s a lack of variety in the game. With only 7 tanks and 1 of which being locked behind a paywall, there’s little variety between tanks. If they were to add a few more and buff some tank abilities to make them more on par with how well others can preform (For example the “big one” which is something the default tank shoots, does decent damage until you realize the silo tank can do the same thing with the silo rocket and that takes little skill to use. Also this game at least for me crashes a lot and starts seriously lacking especially if there’s a lot of fire on screen and you’re doing a tourney with all three fire tanks shooting at once. Also it’s is a bit of personal opinion but I feel fall damage should be a thing as well as same time shooting (for pvp because whoever goes first has the undeniable advantage) and also remove the ability to scale 90 degree angles up and down. Besides that good game and look forward to how this game’ll change


Best game get it

Get rid of adds

Payed to get rid adds & it didn’t get rid of adds! This is bull crap because it said to get rid of adds pay $ and didn’t solve the problem! Wow can’t believe I wasted money on this game !

Steals your gems

It’s a fun game but once you use your gems to revive yourself the game freezes so you end up losing gems.

Fun game, too much wait time

There are too many hours you need to wait between daily tasks and tournament times.

Too many ads

This would be a 4 to 5 star game if it had a campaign and less ads...have to watch a minute of ads for each match... kinda ridiculous

Not good

I got kick out of the game every single time and it is getting to the point we’re I had to write a review

The game is addictive

The game is well made and addictive

Two ads per game.

You guy two ads per game you play. One for finishing the game and one for opening the box you get. On top of that the “pvp” is just computer controller versions of a players tank with their username so it’s not actually pvp. Also if you purchase the ad free for 3.99 I believe it was you still have to watch ads to open the boxes you get after matches. However it simple states “get rid of ads” I would take that as all ads right? Nah not this game you get ads for days. One of the main reasons mobile gaming will never be taken seriously right here.



Game is great but not worth the ads

I love the game but it is not worth sitting through two long ads before every game. I am going to delete it

God game

Should add more tanks

The game is really really good and it is not hard the best

The best

Paid for no ads but still have ads

I paid 3.99 for no ads but still have ads constantly. In addition the multi player is pretty glitchy. If the opponent doesn’t fire the game will not freeze, but won’t allow you to do anything. I am also always the second person to fire in multi player, it doesn’t seem to be random at all.



I want my money back

I need 2 dollars back from buying the starter pack

Fun but keep getting booted

Was fun until I kept getting booted out of the game before I even got to play. Fix it and I will be back.

The game can be better, go on plz!

A really enjoyable game, I have already commended to my several friends, but there are still some mistakes waiting for fixing up. I hope the game can be better.


Looked very promising. Fun gameplay, smooth graphics, simple. However, there is a major lack of content. Not many tanks and little progression. But don’t let me get started with the RIDICULOUS $8 a week for “vip”... come on...total BS. $8 a week!!???? FOR WHAT??? Retarded developers is all I can assume. 1-3 dollar games make bank. Stupid on their part.

Purchase options are dishonest

Game states that ads can be removed for 3.99. It turns out that only *some* of the ads can be removed for that price. To remove all ads is $100/year subscription. The game *might* be worth 3.99. It is *not* worth $100/year. There are better games. Save your money

Good but lag

It's a good game but it lags me out when I when so I don't get any money Please fix

Do not buy ads

Nice game, But Do not pay for ad removal as the ads contnue

Good game, but needs updates

Love the game. Reminds me of Pocket Tanks or Shell Shock Live. However, it could use some improvements. It’s pretty difficult to level up weapons, as you often end up getting gold or tank cards from chests. Also, I feel like there are too few uses for gold. I have currently upgraded everything I can (with my current number of cards) and I have 20k gold just sitting around. There ought to be a system of trading gold for chests, or even directly for certain weapon or tank cards.

Too many ads, removal service doesn’t work

This game reminded me of pocket tanks I used to play as a kid so I was excited to see all the different types of tanks. At first there were very few ads, maybe one after every 2-3 battles. But shortly after upgrading my first tank once, I couldn’t do anything without an ad. It started off after every battle I had to watch a short 5 second clip before I could claim my rewards but it quickly became I had to watch several short ads or one long one I couldn’t skip before I could collect my rewards, before I could enter any type of battle, before I could pick my tank type. It was very frustrating, so I spent a few to remove ads, but now all it does is say video unavailable and I have to sit at a black screen for 30seconds and then I still can’t collect rewards. Or I have to restart the app. I’ve contacted the developer for a refund.

Purchase ripoff

The creators of this terrible game need to fix this because I had bought the starter pack and I have not received any of the contents that were in it and it’s been more than a week I want the money I spent on it back


It crashes every time I play the game! FIX THIS!!!

Amazing game but

Your game needs more tanks simply more tanks I think it would be rated 5 stars from everyone if you add more tanks.

Good but could be better

The gameplay is fun and interactive. However, after purchasing the ad removal, chests earned from victory should not need an ad view to be opened. They should automatically be opened after purchasing an anti ad feature. And there are various bugs that need fixing.

New tanks

I know how you have tank but not much and that is really annoying I love the game but you need more tanks there is only like 6 tanks on bowmasters you have I don’t now 20 again I love the game 10 - 10 I love the game gg man

Needs more tanks

Great game just needs more tanks would make this game a million times better

Don’t Pay for “No Ads”

I purchased the “No Ads” upgrade and it has made absolutely no difference in the number of videos shown between games or in opening the loot chests. Complete ripoff.

Good Game but....

I love this game but there is one thing that you definitely need. More tanks. In bowmasters you have at least 30 characters and in that gun game you have at least 20 guns so can this game have at least 10 tanks. Also there needs to be more achievements and easier ways to earn things. Last but not least some tanks are way more overpowered then others. Other then that this game is amazing and everyone that I have recommended this game to so far has loved it.

Its good but not original

It’s a good game but it’s so heavily based on Pocket Tanks that I uninstalled this and downloaded Pocket Tanks again I only played one round :P

Cool game but hidden fate

Great game and I love to play it but when I purchased the game it gave me the opportunity to pay 2.99 to get rid of ads. This didn’t work and the only way for me to get rid of them is to pay 7.99 a week. Shameful if you ask me. Business is business but 7.99 a week...come on that’s more than Netflix by the end of the month. Smdh

Like the game, but...

Great game and a way to pass the time. But I paid the extra $$$ to get rid of ads, and I still get them. I feel ripped off. Do that’s why it gets 1 star. Fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game. Has a new bug

It would get a 5 star rating from me had it not been for a new bug that has presented itself. When you tap on the mission checklist the game closes itself. I’m playing on an iPhone 5s that is up to date.

Tanks are too expensive

Tanks are too expensive

Paid for no Ads - still has ads

The ads take a long time between games and I paid to remove them and they still show.

Add more tanks!!

Your game is very fun, but I think we need more tanks to make the game better

Really Fun Game

Great game. It’s fun to unlock and use new tanks and weapons...but I wish there was more to unlock and do. I saw this in another review “lack of gameplay” which I think can be easily fixed with new tanks and features.

Better than bow masters

It is a lot like bow masters but you can upgrade your guy and weapons separately and change weapons during battle

Adds don’t work

Can’t watch adds for my chest please fix ASAP!!!



Great game, too little content

This game plays and feels amazing! I love the art style and everything about it. The only gripes I have are that there is such a lack of content, and that there are so (and I mean SO) many ads. The only things I think need to be added are a competitive ranked mode (so you have a goal for your grind), and a team mode where you and a friend match up against others. Wait actually.. just take everything that’s great about Clash Royale and put it into this game. The game already shares some attributes and it works really nicely, so maybe just implement more social features and stuff like that. My second gripe, although I understand why this is the case with free games, is all the ads. It’s super annoying to finish a match and have to watch a 15 second ad to get my coins and then another 30 second ad to get my chest. I feel like the time spent watching ads is the same as actual gameplay. Once there’s new content I’ll consider buying the “no ads” in game but it’s just not worth it yet. All in all this game is great and I encourage the devs to keep at it and make this game even better than it already is. Cheers for reading~

It's crashed every single moment!!!!

Every time I shoot the missile it is crashed and shut me out!!!!!

too many ads

Why don’t you add 1min ads?or 2,3,4mins ads? do you care the feelings!? I believe nobody will play your game . You don’t care if the ice tank is too OP but only add ads! I see the ads every time when I finished a game. I will delete it now!


i cant play online it says no server available

Good game but after, BORING

It’s really fun when you are trying to get tanks but then, it’s BORING. I would just like to say that you creators should add a new tank or 2

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